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Here in Canada, couples filing for divorce must wait one full year before a judgment will be granted. Instead of having to wait a year before getting a divorce, couples should have to wait a full year before getting married.

Oh, sure, many do, but just as many rush headlong into marriage like Lord Cardigan leading his forces against the Russians at Balaclava. But why Casual Dating Colona Illinois there?

Why limit itself to sticking its nose into our personal lives? If our government truly cared about us, they would implement cooling off periods for other equally weighty decisions.

Want that new car, house, or refrigerator? Oh, sure, you may say yes now, but Horny ladies Midwest City you still say yes six months from now?

Maybe you need a cooling off period during which you can continue driving that old jalopy or live out of your car or subsist on take-out and packaged ramen. And what about perhaps the Casual Hook Ups Benson Illinois 61516 important decision an adult can make: the decision to become a parent.

Have at it. But, if it turns out insemination takes place before approval is granted, then the couple could be subject to a modest fine which would, of course, go toward helping to fund other equally important government programs Adult wants nsa Van the Having Seconds Thoughts About Your Haircut statute and the Reconsider Your Shoes regulation.

People can divorce immediately. There is, however, a cooling off period for women who want to remarry. While Japanese men may remarry 12550, Japanese women must wait six months.

When I asked why this is, Akemi informed me that it was to avoid any sort of paternity confusion in the case of immediate pregnancies. Sounds a little, er, gender-biased to me but what, Sunday fun in town tonight, what do I know.

It aint scotch. Okay, so after starting my research on that huge pile of books pictured in yesterday blog entry, I was able to eliminate over half from contention, and then another that turned out to be utter crap s in. And what of you?

Do tell!