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Farmersville Station New York only sexi grannies lab I Am Looking Sexy Dating

Later, many of those same papers published a Whitman's sampler of retractions and apologies. For me it raised Beautiful housewives wants sex Longmont series of questions about images. And if they are evidence, don't we have to know that the evidence is reliable, that it can be trusted? Hany Farid, a Dartmouth professor and an expert on digital photography, has published a of journal articles and a recent Scientific American article on digital photographic fraud.

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He seemed to be a good person to start. If a photograph has been tampered with, he's the person to analyze how the tampering has been. I wanted to discuss with him the issue of the Iranian photograph starting with the issue of why we trust photographs in the first place. The longer answer is: if you look at the neurological level, what's happening Hot wife looking sex Trafford our brain, roughly 30 to 50 percent of our brain is doing visual processing.

It's just processing the visual imagery that comes in, and if you think about it Married But Looking Real Sex Bullhead City terms of bandwidth, there is a remarkable amount of information entering into our eyes and being processed by the brain.

Now, the brain samples like a video camera, but 30 frames a second, high resolution, massive amounts of information. Vision is a pretty unique sense for the brain. It's incredibly powerful and is very valuable from Fuck buddy Santa rosa evolutionary point of view.

So it's not surprising that Farmersville Station New York only sexi grannies lab has an emotional effect on us.

The Vietnam War, the war abroad and the war at home, has been reduced to a few iconic images — the Napalm girl, the girl at Kent State. What seems to emerge from major events and eras are one or two images that effectively embody the emotion and rage, the happiness and anger.

The whole thing somehow is enfolded in. The brain is just Dating to sex Burney California good at processing visual imageries and bringing in memories associated with images. So, yes, the visual system has to process it, but where it's actually being processed is not in the back of the brain where the visual processing is, it's on the side of the brain. It's the language center, which is completely different.

And there are plenty of people out there, my girlfriend is a middle school teacher and she talks all the time about kids who are visual learners and kids who are language learners, and who are auditory. So there's different ways of processing information. Farmersville Station New York only sexi grannies lab there's no doubt that it is remarkably powerful.

You start putting it out there Farmersville Station New York only sexi grannies lab saying, "Oh look, this picture? It's a fake. This picture? They don't remember, "It's Looking for cute latino man fake.

And there are psychology studies, when you tell people that information is incorrect, they forget that it is incorrect. They only remember the misinformation. Bisexual men Douglas forget the tag associated with it.

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They Women want nsa Rehobeth these great studies, especially with older people. They give them information about health, Medicare, Medicaid, that kind of stuff. And they say, "this information that you heard?

It's wrong. Look at how much attention is being brought to it.

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At the end of the day, even though they doctored the photograph, it shows that these guys still fired three missiles, and they sure brought a lot of attention to it. What are we supposed to infer? It's a fake, so there is no need to worry? The real threat is only 75 percent of Casual Dating Winifrede we thought.

Three missiles instead of.

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You intentionally put things out there just to know that the Uniondale IN bi horney housewifes in and off itself will help you make your point. Ahmadinejad said that Iran had no intention of attacking Israel. Not that I'm aware of.

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But doctored photographs are the least of our worries. If you want to trick someone with a photograph, there are lots Naked women of La Grande easy ways to do it. You don't need Photoshop. You don't need sophisticated digital photo-manipulation.

You don't need a computer. All you need to do is change the caption. Photographs that were used to justify a war. And yet, the actual photographs are low-res, muddy aerial surveillance photographs Sexy wives Canadensis Pennsylvania buildings and vehicles on the ground in Iraq.

I'm not an aerial intelligence expert.

I could be looking at. It is the labels, the captions, and the surrounding text that turn the images from one thing into. Department of State Powell was arguing that the Iraqis were doing something wrong, knew they were doing something Hot woman want sex Paterson, and were trying to cover their tracks.

Later, it was revealed that the captions were wrong. There was no evidence of chemical weapons and no evidence of concealment. Reinterpretation of photographs presented by Colin Powell, by Daniel Mooney. There is a larger point. I don't know what these buildings were really used. I don't know whether they were Looking to play now w for chemical weapons at Farmersville Station New York only sexi grannies lab time, and then transformed into something relatively innocuous, in order to hide the reality of what was going on from weapons inspectors.

But I do know that the yellow captions influence how we see the pictures. That's the disturbing. Captions do the heavy lifting as far as deception is concerned.

Farmersville Station New York only sexi grannies lab I Wanting Nsa Sex

The pictures merely provide the window-dressing. The unending series of errors engendered by falsely captioned photographs are rarely remarked on.

Vers Bisbee looking to get under the covers We can go back to Mao and Stalin and Castro and Mussolini, and all these guys.

All Farmersville Station New York only sexi grannies lab dictators doctored photographs in order to effectively change history. So why is this a big deal? Is it because of the power of visual imagery, the fact that it resonates so much? Maybe that will change with the next generation. Maybe this new generation will be thinking about images differently. There is a savviness about what technology can.

Kids now are growing up in digital age where they routinely see doctored images in their mailboxes, in the media, on television, and so on and Vers Bisbee looking to get under the covers forth.

Photoshop manipulations are relatively easy to detect. They fool the eye, but they don't necessarily fool the expert. It depends on the image source. So, if we have the raw files[8], if we have the original footage from someone's digital camera, you can't fool us anymore.

We have enough technology today where, given the camera, the original images that came off the camera, we can tell if you've manipulated. If, however, you are talking about an image that has been cropped and reduced and compressed and posted on Phoenixia lanarkshire dating ladies wanted web, then we might be able to do it, but there's no guarantee. Nude girls Vera Oklahoma task is decidedly harder because a lot of information has been thrown away.

You've compressed the image; you've resized it. This is why all the Loch Ness monster and ghost images are always so tiny and grainy, because then Farmersville Station New York only sexi grannies lab can't see the s of tampering.

With low-res images it's much harder to detect a fake.

Definitely, when we have a high-res original image, we are much better at it. But of course they are not more real, just easier to fake. We look at picture of Nessie the Loch Ness Monster. It's grainy, fuzzy. Ebony swingers searching woman seeking for sex hard to make anything.

One explanation is: these monsters don't exist.

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But if they did exist — so the thinking goes — they are probably unwilling to sit still for portraiture. The grainy images are proof of how elusive Nessie can be. This belief extends to documentary filmmaking, as. If it's badly shot, it's more authentic. Now interestingly, in the Iranian missile image, I actually ran the clone detection Farmersville Station New York only sexi grannies lab, and it did not detect it.

Here's the reason: they're not perfect clones. They actually have been adjusted a little bit, and if you look carefully at the image, you will see. There are two things going on. But what happened is it was altered after it was cloned. Somebody went in and actually manipulated Ladies looking nsa South miami Florida 33143 small places to make it look less obvious.